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Related article: Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 20:42:36 -0400 From: cmm cmm Subject: Adventures With Benny: Chapter 1Disclaimer: All rights reserved by author. This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters and places are the product of my imagination the author. If by chance this story resembles to any person or event it is purely coinsidentual. This story contains sexual relations between male/male, father/son, adult/minor insest and other types of sexual activity. By continuing to read this you affirm that you are of legal age to read this material and that this material is legal Bbs Lolita in your present location or area. My Adventures With Benny Chapter 1 Hi! My name is Chris, and I'm going to share with you a few adventures I had with my Godfather Benny and his son Manuel when I was a kid. Before I start here is a brief description of all the characters.Benny: Light skinned Mexican with blondish brown hair, a mustache, brown eyes a very sly smile. His body is thin with some muscle tone to it that only hard outdoor labor can build. He's fairly smooth with slight chest hair and a thin trail that leads to his untrimmed manly pubes, which surround a 7inch uncut cock with an average thickness to it. He has untrimmed hairy low hanging balls and a smooth ass.Me: Light skinned Texas boy with short brown choir boy styled hair, baby faced with brown eyes. Thin & very smooth with the exception of a small treasure trail and a fairly new full untrimmed dark haired bush that surrounds a 5inch cut cock and sprouts of hair on my balls and a very smooth ass.Manuel: Very light skinned hispanic boy with light brown blondish hair. Completely smooth from head to toe. His little 3inch uncut light skinned dick and a smooth bubble butt. Now when this all started I was 14, Manuel was 5 and Benny was 35. Ok so I had always had the hots for my older godfather, I remember following him to the restroom anytime he went just wishing and hoping to catch a glimpse of his cock. This went on for a while until I finally got an experience with him that I had only jacked off thinking about. But before that happened there was an incident that occured that I still believe to this day is the reason that our fun began.During our sisters basketball game I asked Benny where the restrooms were hoping that he'd show me rather than telling me so that I would get a chance to see his cock. But unfortunatly Manuel, being an eager little kid jumped up and said "I'll show you where they are!" before Benny even had a chance. So there I went following Manuel who is like a kid brother to me, he took me to the restroom and opened the door for me, I went in thinking he'd go back to our parents, but when the door closed I heard him begin to talk. I wasn't really listening to him because I was daydreaming of my godfather peeing in the open urinal next to me. That was until I saw Manuel standing next to me starring at my cock and asking me "Chris when did you start getting hair there?" pointing to my bush. I answered him nervously "ummm about a year ago" he said "wow! Do you think I'll grow hair there too?" I answered "yeah everyone does" then he asked "do you think my thing will get bigger like yours?" I answered still nervously "yeah maybe it'll even be bigger than mine". The look in his eyes was pure fascination, then he asked "why is your thing different looking?" I was thrown by the question, never seeing any other cocks than mine I assumed they all looked like mine so I asked him "what do you mean?" then he answered me with an answer I never expected to hear. He said "well my daddy's thing and mine are different they look like this" as he finished his answer he pulled his pants down with his little shorts and kiddie underwear around his ankles I saw his little dick with extra skin covering his head. Now I was the one with pure fascination in my eyes.Now I don't know if it was seeing his little different looking penis or thinking of how his daddy's cock Bbs Lolita was the same way but even bigger, but Manuel brought me out of my thoughts as he pointed out my hardening cock to me. He said "why is it getting bigger?" as he pointed to my now hard cock. Out of a mixture of embarrassment and nervousness I ran into a stall and locked the door, my mind was racing and I didn't know what to think. But before I could get a grasp on things Manuel slid under the stall door and was in there next to me. He kept starring at it and wouldn't take his eyes off of it and I didn't realize what I was saying until it was too late. "You can touch it if you want?" and he didn't need anymore encouragement than that, his little warm hand was wrapped around my cock and I almost shot my load right then and there. Suddenly the restroom door opened and as fast as I could I shoved my rock hard cock inside my pants and as I opened the stall door there stood Benny with a look on his face that I'll never forget. Benny didn't take his eyes off of me I could feel his eyes burning through me his silence was killing me. Then he laid into me "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!?!?! what are you two doing?" I couldn't find my words I just began to look around and I saw what made this whole situation worse Manuel still had his shorts and underwear around his ankles and me with a tent in my shorts. Then Benny continued "well? I asked you what is going on here?" "nothing" I answered, he said "really? then why are Manuel's pants down and why are you hard?" as he grabbed my cock when he asked.I was scared shitless at this point but still so hot that I almost shot my load while he grasped my cock. "Benny, I swear nothing happened! All he did was stare at my cock and I told him he could touch it if he wanted to and he did. I swear that's all!" I was shaking as I told him all this. Then he asked Manuel if what I had just said was the truth and Manuel said "yes daddy I swear too!" Then Benny told Manuel "I'm not sure if I believe you two gay boys, so Chris you stand right there and don't you move, Manuel I want you to stand up on that toilet, bend over and pull your butt cheeks apart right now because I'm going to check your butthole." Manuel didn't say anything he just stood there until Benny raised his voice telling him "Did you hear me boy? Do what I said and do it now!" "yes sir" Manuel said "what? yes what?" Benny said back at his son "yes daddy" Manuel said.So Manuel slipped his feet out of his shorts and underwear and stood up on the toilet in the stall that all three of us stood in and he bent over and pulled his little butt cheeks apart and exposed his little pink butthole to his dad and me. Then Benny looked at me and gave me a sly look and he sniffed his sons hole and said "well it doesn't smell like y'all did anything" then he licked his sons hole and Manuel let out what seemed like a moan of pleasure and Benny said "it doesn't taste like y'all did anything" then he slipped his middle finger in his sons hole and they both let out a moan of pleasure before Benny said "it definitely doesn't feel like y'all did anything, ok Manuel get down and get dressed, now Chris Bbs Lolita pull your cock out" I didn't even say anything I just did as I was told. Then Benny bent down and sniffed my cock then he stood up and told me "and it doesn't smell like this has been in my sons mouth" as he held my bare rock hard cock in his warm manly hand. He then told me "now put that thing away and hide the fact that it's rock hard and dripping, then walk outside and go back to the bleachers and if anyone ask you anything you tell them that Manuels stomach is hurting and that we will be out soon and when you walk out of here you act as if nothing ever happened do you understand me?" "yes Benny" I answered and he said "what? yes what?" I corrected myself and said "yes sir" then he gave me a sly approving smile and I walked out. I walked out completely scared and horny as hell and wishing and hoping that, that wouldn't be the end of it.Feedback is always and greatly appreciated!
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